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Opening Popsie E-commerce - 2021

sockeye salmon, halibut, cod, and black cod frozen and ready for for shipments.

September 28th, 2021

Hello Friends!

I’m writing to you from our fish camp at the mouth of the Egegik River in Bristol Bay. Gwen and I return to camp each September to button everything up for the coming winter and enjoy the quiet without the hustle and bustle of our summer fishing season. Autumn comes early in the Alaska bush, the tundra is full of fall colors; yellow, gold and dark red. The Bering Sea surf is wild as usual with just a few herring gulls wheeling about along the horizon. Geese and ducks are on the pond behind the house, chowing down to bulk up for their upcoming departure to Tule Lake in Oregon and points south. The occasional bear and wolf patrol the shore looking for some unlucky seal. The nearest humans are in Egegik village, a 10 mile trek down the beach and across the river.

All this stands in contrast to the scene six weeks ago. Our team of eight were working 24/7 in the water pulling in nets heavy with salmon. On shore, the processor’s dock buzzed with activity while forklifts loaded and unloaded totes of iced fish at all hours. On our biggest day this year we reckoned fish were hitting the nets 1,000 pounds a minute. But that’s over, and here we are; enjoying the peace and quiet of fish camp and preparing our summer home for the coming winter storms.

But this year we don’t anticipate enjoying that quiet for very long. Alongside our regular spring and summer commercial fishing venture, we have been excitedly preparing to launch a direct to customer e-commerce website. This project is finally live; our inventory is stocked, our shipping boxes are on site, our marketing program in under way, all the millions of little details have been analyzed and organized and we are standing by to launch ourselves into this new adventure. Finally our friends all over the US will be able to go to our new website, click on Shop Seafood and be able to have our delicious, Sockeye Salmon along with Popsie branded wild Alaskan Halibut, Pacific Cod and Sablefish shipped to their door directly from us!

I enjoy thinking about how far we’ve come with our fishing company. This summer we were catching salmon out of the Bering Sea, just as we have every summer for the past 33 years, and now that same fish can be on your dinner plate next week!

We value all the friends we’ve made along the way and especially those of you who have followed us on this journey from fisher to fork. Don’t forget to leave a review on our website and share it with all the Wild Alaskan Seafood lovers in your life!

Haha, sooo… from the Fisher … that’s me .. to the Fork … that’s you, thank you for your time. We wish you a safe and healthy October,

Tony Neal

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