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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer commonly asked customer questions such as: All all your fish wild caught? What is the difference between wild caught salmon and farmed salmon? Are your fish fresh or frozen? Are there additives in your fish? What's the difference between salmon portions and a salmon fillet? Is your fish safe for sushi? What's the best way to thaw frozen fish? Do you have recipes? What is your fishing policy? Do you ship internationally? How can I track my order?


set_mealSalmon and Whitefish

Yes! All of our fish are caught in the remote and wild waters of Alaska. No farmed fish here!

Just about everything! Our wild salmon spend their entire lives in the pristine waters of the famous Bristol Bay watershed. They eat what nature provides - zooplankton, invertebrates and small fish - and grow naturally on their colorful, healthy diet. And speaking of colorful . . . do you know why red salmon are red? It’s because of the carotenoid-rich crustaceans (zooplankton, shrimp, krill) in their diet.

Farmed fish flesh, by contrast, is naturally gray - at least until it’s dyed red to be more appealing to consumers. Farmed fish are raised in high-density aquaculture pens. They’re fed a processed diet high in fat and protein that causes these captive fish to grow faster and larger than they would normally. Because of their crowded, artificial conditions, farmed fish are susceptible to infections and disease, and thus antibiotics are added to their diet. Also, because these penned-up fish can’t swim freely in rivers or bays, they never get to eat their natural diet of colorful crustaceans. 

Alas, the result is an unappetizingly gray fish. The fish farms’ answer? Dye. Dye! Consumers of farmed fish may be fooled into thinking it’s the real deal, but now you know it isn’t.  

Bottom line: Wild Alaska salmon are natural, healthy fish - and they are an incredibly healthy, protein-rich food to eat. They have fewer calories and less saturated fat than farmed fish. They have no additives, no antibiotics, no dye, and no unnatural substances in their flesh. They are just as nature created them. . . farmed salmon are not!

Our fish are fresher than fresh . . . and frozen! Let us explain. The “fresh fish” that you buy at the market has probably been dead for several days before reaching you, the consumer. All of our wild-caught fish is immediately placed on ice and quickly delivered to our processor, where it is flash frozen at minus forty degrees. This process freezes fish so quickly that ice crystals can’t form between the fibers of the flesh, locking in the freshness and preserving the texture, the nutrients and the beautiful natural color of red salmon. Thus, our fish are fresher than “fresh” . . . and frozen!

No. Each package contains 100% fish. No salt, no chemicals, no preservatives, no dye, no hormones, no unpronounceable additives. Not a GMO product . . .  just 100% nature-grown fish.

outdoor_grillCooking and Preparation

We package our salmon in two basic ways: into fillets, and into smaller portions which we just call “portions.” A salmon fillet is the lengthwise cut of fish, parallel to the bone, tapered in shape, with skin on. Two fillets are cut from one salmon. Our fillets average about 1.2 pounds each. 

A salmon “portion,” by contrast,  is a crosswise cut of a fillet. These cuts average about 6 oz. each. They are perfectly sized for an individual meal.

Although each piece of fish may vary slightly from these weights, our boxes are always at or over the advertised weight.

All of our salmon products are sashimi grade, which means they have been processed and prepared soon after being caught, and then are flash frozen in our ultra-cold, -40 ℉ freezers.

Unopened, vacuum-sealed raw fish packages should be thawed overnight in the refrigerator. But if you just can’t wait that long to eat a delicious salmon meal, you should place the unopened, frozen package into a bowl of warm water for about 15-20 minutes. Remove it when thawed, prepare and enjoy.

We sure do! Check out our Recipe blog. New recipes posted frequently.


We ship our Wild Caught Fish Boxes via FedEx Ground or 2-day AIR. Orders ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays each week. All orders placed the day before by 11:00 pm EST will ship the following shipment day.

You will receive an email with tracking information and estimated delivery date the day your seafood is shipped. Online orders will receive an emailed order confirmation and invoice.  Your shipping confirmation and a tracking number will be emailed on the day items are shipped.

Any dry product ordered, such as gourmet condiments or featured books on our website, will be shipped separately from our frozen Alaskan seafood. You will receive a separate shipping confirmation email once these items have shipped.

Read more about our SHIPPING POLICY here.

At this time, we only ship through our website within the United States. If you are outside the USA, email us at to arrange shipment.

Once the order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation email and invoice. Your shipping confirmation and a tracking number will be emailed on the day the items are shipped. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folder for the shipping confirmation email. If you do not receive one, please reach out to and we will email the tracking number to you with the expected delivery date.

Please contact us at 907-299-6856 or email us at: so we can make recommendations on how to get your item delivered on or near that date.

We’re sorry! We know how disappointed you must be. Slightly thawed frozen fish may be safely refrozen with no perceptible loss of quality or nutritional value. However, it is not recommended to refreeze fully thawed raw fish. If your order has arrived completely thawed, please contact us at 907-299-6856 or so we can discuss a resolution.


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