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Popsie's Values

Your Trusted, Sustainable Source for Wild Caught Seafood from Alaska since 1987.

Wild caught fish are the heart and soul of Alaska’s seafood industry. Our fish are caught in Alaska's pristine waters, never farmed.

We are committed to sustainability. From the way our fish are harvested, to our recyclable shipping materials, you can count on an eco-friendly product.

When our fresh-caught fish are flash frozen, their taste, color, texture and nutritional value are preserved, and product safety is ensured. Consider our fish "fresher than fresh"!

Three generations of fishers return each summer to work and fish together to provide your family with the best wild-caught Alaskan seafood on the market… from our family to yours.

We are always here to help! Check out our live chat for quick answers to frequently asked questions, or give Amy a call at 907-299-6850 for any of your needs.

We utilize recycled materials for packaging your fish shipments. We kindly encourage your participation in our sustainability efforts by recycling the packaging and insulation once they have served their purpose.