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Isn’t it great when the stars align and your health goals, your taste buds and your freezer all point to Alaska wild-caught salmon for dinner tonight?! Mmmm - scrumptious, healthy and right at your fingertips! 

And you’re all set to go, because a friend tipped you off about the best salmon to buy online. You immediately ordered five pounds of wild-caught Alaskan salmon from one of Alaska’s premier suppliers of salmon shipped from Alaska, The Popsie Fish Company. Beautiful, individually vacuum-packed, serving-size portions of frozen Alaska salmon soon arrived.

A three-generation. Alaska-owned company of set-net fishers, The Popsie Fish Company supplies not only world-famous Bristol Bay red salmon, but also halibut, Pacific cod and sablefish to its customers worldwide. (I’m going to try sablefish next time, after reading about its rich, buttery flavor and silky smooth texture!) As eco-conscious fishers, the Popsie folks take pride in providing the freshest and best quality wild Alaskan seafood, while preserving the fragile ecosystems and natural wilderness along the shores of Bristol Bay. All of their wild-caught Alaskan fish are immediately placed on ice and quickly delivered to the processor, where it is flash-frozen at minus forty degrees. This process freezes fish so quickly that ice crystals can’t form between the fibers of the flesh, locking in freshness and preserving the texture, the nutrients and the beautiful color of red salmon. 

Because most store-bought “fresh” fish has often been on display and thawed for many hours or even days, it doesn’t compare in quality to the salmon shipped from Alaska that you get delivered, flash frozen, right to your door. Indeed, as The Popsie Fish Company proclaims, their fish is “fresher than fresh!” You’ll be delighted when your five or ten pounds of salmon arrive!

You feel so good contemplating dinner when you know that wild Alaskan seafood, and particularly wild Alaskan red salmon, rank among the healthiest, most nutrient-dense “superfoods” on earth. Red, or sockeye, salmon provide those famous, all-important long-chain Omega 3’s that are key to the structure of every cell in your body, and help keep your lungs, heart, blood vessels and immune system purring along. I want to serve up some of that!

Picture a filet of salmon for dinner, its rich-tasting bright red-orange flesh capturing attention from your appreciative family, or perhaps from admiring guests. Angling for a place of honor at any table, salmon always satisfies. Recipes from simple to elegant can be found everywhere, but I’ve decided just plain grilled or roasted salmon is my favorite. Did you know that your individually-frozen salmon portions can go directly from the freezer to the pan, grill or oven? This is fast food haute cuisine! Just watch it carefully as you cook it - perfectly prepared salmon is moist, flavorful and succulent.

I know you’ll be as pleased as I was when your order arrives. Sturdy box, beautifully frozen fish, no bothersome styrofoam pellets - instead, elegant, foam-like packing pads made from recycled water bottles. Impressive! In fact my family and I have mailed presents back and forth three times in that same box! Enjoy!