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Why buy Wild Alaskan Seafood?
Alaska has pioneered the standard for sustainable, eco-friendly fisheries management. Unlike many of the world’s fish populations, Alaska’s are managed for protection against overfishing and sources of habitat damage. Alaska’s fisheries adhere to the most recognized and internationally accepted set of guidelines, written by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

By proactively ensuring a healthy, wild and sustainable harvest, Alaska is protecting its superior seafood for future generations
Premium Quality
Our fishing style from shore, called set netting, is well known to produce a higher quality product. Our team adheres to strict policies that exceed the standard recommendations and our fish are popular with our processing partner because of the quality.  

We add a sea water slush ice mixture to our insulated totes and as our fish are removed from the net, they go directly into the slush ice. We bleed every fish as we catch it and since we are fishing near the shore, we steadily deliver our fish to the processing plant, including during the fishing period.  

Often our fish are processed and blast frozen before drift-boat caught fish are even delivered. The quality of our fish is unmistakable.
FDA Certified Processing for Safety and Health
The Popsie Fish Company proudly partners with E&E Foods of Seattle for the safe, efficient processing and packaging of all Popsie brand seafood. E&E Foods is a fully licensed seafood processing plant and holds  the  highest levels of food safety certification starting with the mandated Federal Food and Drug Administration Hazard Critical Control Point (HACCP) guideline and adds the world-wide high standard audit and certification by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The Popsie seafood source is certified Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a world-wide standard of sustainability.

There is only one ingredient in a package of Popsie seafood: the  wild Alaska fish itself. There are no additives, no chemicals, no preservatives, no biological supplements. Popsie fish are not GMO and are not fed dye, pesticides, or hormones. The HACCP processing includes rigorous flash freezing that makes Popsie seafood safe and tasty  for Sushi and Sashimi.
Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
In Alaska the future of Wild Sockeye Salmon and the environment are more important than the immediate opportunities for harvest. As a wild resource, there is variability in the number of salmon that return to freshwater to spawn annually. Managers in Alaska set ‘escapement goals’ using the best science available to ensure enough fish return safely to the freshwater spawning grounds to reproduce. Biologists account for natural fluctuations in returns of salmon by managing the fisheries in-season to ensure the sustainability of Alaska's Wild Sockeye Salmon.
Wild Alaskan Halibut
All Alaska Seafood is wild and pure, responsibly managed for continuing abundance. Alaska provides the largest supply of American halibut, which is strictly regulated through seasonal harvest and the exclusive use of longline gear. Alaska Halibut is available fresh from March through mid-November, and frozen year-round.
Wild Alaskan Sablefish
In Alaska, protecting the future of both the sablefish stocks and the environment take priority. The Alaska population of sablefish is estimated from biennial scientific research surveys. Managers use survey data to determine the total ‘available population’ and identify the ‘allowable catch’ and set a lower ‘actual catch’ limit to ensure that the wild sablefish population in Alaska's waters will always be sustainable.
Wild Alaskan Cod
Pacific Cod Live near the bottom of the ocean and concentrate on the shelf edge and upper slope (100 to 250 meters deep) in the winter and move to shallower waters (less than 100 meters deep) in the summer. Harvested throughout the Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands, Alaska Cod is available fresh during the fall and winter, and frozen year-round.
The Popsie Difference
-Wild Caught Alaskan Seafood, direct to you
-Sustainably harvested and traceable to the source
-Three generation fishing family
-FREE Home delivery