For Future Generations
The Bristol Bay Salmon fishing industry is one of the most sustainable and well-managed fisheries in the world. Popsie Sockeye meet Marine Stewardship Council and Monterey Bay Aquarium standards for sustainability and fishery health. From late May until Mid-August, two tides a day bring the sockeye salmon back from their winter feeding grounds in the open ocean to the mouth of the river to spawn.  Millions of fish hit the nets each summer and millions more escape to ensure strong salmon runs for future generations.  

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is tasked with monitoring the escapement of salmon up-river to replenish the population and commercial fishers only take the excess, never the brood stock. The ongoing sustainability of the Alaska Wild Salmon fishery depends on the health of our environment. Bristol Bay fishers are on the front lines in the battle to protect our oceans and headwaters.
The Popsie Difference
-Wild Caught Alaskan Seafood, direct to you
-Sustainably harvested and traceable to the source
-Three generation fishing family
-FREE Home delivery