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Salmon From Market To Plate by Maureen Berry

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Salmon From Market To Plate: when you want to eat salmon that is good for you and the oceans - by Maureen Berry

Buying, cooking and eating sustainable salmon involves important choices. With a Quick Tips list for buying fresh salmon and another for buying frozen salmon, you’re on your way to making informed, earth-friendly, sustainable seafood decisions. 

This is the quintessential guide for anyone who wants to buy and eat salmon that is good for you, your family, our oceans and our growing global population.

But it’s so much more than a guide; it's an experience that you get to have with the author. She knows you so well that she simply talks to you about life’s realities . . . such as having to postpone cooking that thawed piece of salmon sitting in your refrigerator for yet another night. Sound familiar? Her words are so good to hear in our busy lives. She soothes you with reassurances like, “The beauty of cooking salmon is simple: less is better.”  With a bit of humor here and some succinct, practical advice there, she helps us find answers to our many common questions.

With all the sustainability concerns, competing claims, and questionable labels, just how do you know what to look for? How do you choose where to buy your salmon? How can you be a discerning customer, helping your family and your planet as you make these important choices? Those are great questions, and ones that more and more consumers are asking. Salmon From Market to Plate guides you to clear answers, helping you become a good salmon steward.  

So what exactly are sustainable fish? They are defined as those that are “caught or raised in a manner that doesn’t harm the environment, and will provide salmon for future generations.” In this book, you will learn the considerable differences between wild and farmed salmon. You’ll be given specific insights that help you understand why you should care about the salmon you buy and eat.

You'll wish you'd had this book when you first started cooking salmon. The author gives the whys, the do nots and the how to's so clearly! Then, with that background firmly established, she offers up twenty simple recipes (e.g., slivers of fennel-flavored salmon, mandarin oranges, tangy mustard and Swiss cheese) and twenty more complex, unpronounceable ones. She also shares ten recipes from celebrity chefs who support ocean conservation and sustainable fisheries. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without this book. Learning by trial and error will be firmly behind you! 

Contributor(s): C Berry, Maureen (Author), Johns, Megan (Designed by)
ISBN: 0997354003    EAN: 9780997354003