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Popsie's Wild Caught Alaska Ground Sockeye Salmon

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Ground Wild Sockeye Salmon Mince, The Secret To The Best Salmon Burgers

The Popsie Fish Company is excited to bring you the chef's secret for making restaurant-quality burgers, chowders, tacos, sliders, and more. With our boneless, skinless ground Sockeye salmon, recipe preparation is easy. Our Sockeye salmon ground meat is one of our most versatile seafood products. It can be substituted for ground meat in any of your favorite recipes to create a healthy, delicious, eye-catching alternative to traditional meals.

Box Contents:
  • Contains 1 lb packs of individually vacuum-packed ground salmon
  • 5 packs per 5 lb box - 20 servings
  • 10 pack per 10 lb box - 40 servings
  • 20 packs per 20 lb box - 80 servings

* A typical serving size for salmon is 3-4oz for adults *

  • 100% wild caught ground Sockeye salmon mince
  • No additives or fillers
  • Sustainable sourced in Bristol Bay, Alaska
  • Flash frozen, ensuring freshness
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and omega 3s
  • Shipped frozen with dry ice

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Your Trusted, Sustainable Source for Wild Caught Seafood from Alaska since 1987.

100% Wild Caught • Never Farmed
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