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Living Within the Wild Cookbook by Kirsten Dixon and Mandy Dixon

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Living Within the Wild Cookbook: Personal Stories & Beloved Recipes from Alaska - by Kirsten Dixon and Mandy Dixon 

Adventurous and accomplished mother-daughter chefs Kristen and Mandy Dixon have authored this rich collection of over 100 creative, original, delicious seafood recipes. Beautiful photographs accompanied by delightful tales of their unique lives in Alaska’s backcountry make this so much more than a cookbook.

Kirsten, from Within the Wild Alaskan Lodges, and Mandy, from La Beleine, the quaint Homer Spit cafe, invite you to their table to share the good food, lives of adventure, and the deep purpose and meaning they have found living within the wild. Their fascinating personal stories and more than 100 stunning photographs will bring the outdoors in as you try their mouth-watering, authentic Alaskan recipes.

“Kirsten and Mandy Dixon are truly Alaska's biggest culinary champions. No family has done more to put the state's bounty on the map and raise the bar for Alaskan cuisine.” Jen Murphy, writer, editor and Wall Street Journal contributor, former editor Food & Wine

You’ll be caught between the forces pulling you into the kitchen to try their next inviting recipe, and those that compel you to continue reading this delightful book. Either way - enjoy the adventure!


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