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Cooking Alaska's Wild Salmon by Kathy Doogan

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Cooking Alaska's Wild Salmon: Tried and True Recipes from Alaska's Best Seafood Cooks - by Kathy Doogan

Alaska's pristine, icy cold waters are home to an abundance of wild salmon. Cooking Alaska's Wild Salmon is packed with delicious ways to prepare these nutrient-rich, flavorful fish, from old favorites such as Classic Salmon Loaf and Kedgeree to innovative new ideas like Smoked Salmon Cupcakes and Butternut Squash Soup with Salmon Croutons. 

For friends in the Lower 48, Cooking Alaska's Wild Salmon provides an overview of the five different types of salmon found in Alaskan waters.  It makes a great gift,. and is an inspiration to any readers looking for reasons to eat salmon more frequently. A rich compilation of tried and true salmon recipes from Alaska's best seafood cooks, this book gives you many delicious reasons for cooking up salmon more often. Ray Troll's scientifically surrealistic art is an added bonus.

Contributor(s): Doogan, Kathy (Author), Troll, Ray (Illustrator)
ISBN: 1578334756    EAN: 9781578334759