Our Team

Tony Neal
Tony is living his dream surrounded by family.  Tony works full time all year selling the Popsie brand as far away as London and Brussels. At fish camp his specialty is hauling thousands of pounds of catch to our processor and weighing it in, a combination of driving skill and good math. In camp, Tony is also the master mechanic.
Gwen Neal
Gwen pulls a full crew spot as a Salmon Permit holder for 33 years (we own our licenses.)  Gwen fishes hard but her primary camp duty is a big one. She cooks for the crew and is master over food and stores. Her work begins in February when she buys all the summer’s food, and goes into March when she loads it on the northbound barge out of Seattle. In May, she unloads that barge in Bristol Bay just in time for the hard-eating crew to arrive in June.
Sarah O'Neill
Force of Nature

Sarah is deck boss and crew trainer and the hardest working fisher you could meet. She’ll outfish anyone on the team, with a smile on her face. Sarah is the master in keeping our crew going when they think they will just collapse if they have to endure one more wave in their face. Daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, … and Captain: That’s Sarah. Sarah, in Jr High, told Tony “you’ve ruined my life making me commercial fish all summer! When I turn 18 I’ll never touch another fish”. Haha, it looks like Sarah hasn’t turned 18 yet, 33 years waiting for that elusive birthday!

Chris Olsson-O'Neill
Equipment Buyer & Sales
Chris is “Mr Idea” with a special talent as our equipment buyer, sniffing out great buys on “Bikes”, ATV’s, and other great gadgets to make our fishing life easier.  Chris is proud of his great sport fishing prowess.
Siri Neal
Fisher and Sales

Son Siri was 7 when he started fishing. Siri has hands of steel and never tires. He’s a fishing captain’s dream crew member. At 3AM, when it’s blowing 30 knots and raining sideways Siri is first on the nets without a peep of complaint, and the last one in. Siri is a Popsie full-timer too as well as a crack salesman,. As the Popsie distributor in Clearwater, Florida, Siri provides Popsie seafood to the best venues across Florida.

Erin Washer

Fisher/Business Manager

Granddaughter Erin is a tireless, relentless fisher, always on the move, setting the pace. Erin runs marathons to relax after fishing season and is a recent graduate of the University of Louisville. Erin started full crew duties when she was 15 years old and knows how to do it all. Crew who get paired with Erin better be ready for a full work day! Erin also distributes Popsie in Louisville, Kentucky to local grocery stores in the area. 

Gwenyth Mistretta

Granddaughter Gwenyth has 7 years of fishing under her belt and she’s only 21. She’s a smart one too, headed into her Senior year at the University of Oregon. Gwen is always thinking of the better way to do something and is very handy with the tools around camp and in the mechanic shop with Tony. She’s studying Business and her goal is to succeed “the other Gwen” as president of The Popsie Fish Company.

Owen O'Neill
Fisher in Training

Grandson Owen is 12 and learning more each year. He already delivers full loads of fish at un-heard of speeds with Tony as his brakeman. He set a record, hauling a 2000 pound delivery on his Honda 300. Called "bikes" by the fishers, Owen’s job is “bike wrangler” and he keeps them fueled, trailers connected, and ready to work. It’s no secret he likes to hot rod the bikes when he gets the chance, a kid’s dream job.

Jake Kurz


Seasoned fisher Grandson Jake is known for his easy going nature and creative pursuits. When he's not picking fish or warding off seals, he is designing camp improvements including this billboard sized logo on the bunkhouse wall. Jake built the mechanic shop at fish camp, Tony’s favorite place. Jake and Tony have stayed late in the season, fishing coho, the only humans for miles, fending off bears and seals, delivering an hour away, and having fun doing it. Jake helped pioneer the Popsie transition to processing and selling the brand.

Lesa Neal

RN and Sales

When Lesa was growing up in Jamaica she never thought she’d be in Alaska slinging salmon but she sure does that with a huge smile.  Lesa is a Registered Nurse in her non-Popsie off season and keeps us healthy and in good cheer.  Lesa also works with Siri selling our Popsie sockeye in Florida, so she is another full-timer.

Sanjay Neal

Future Sales

Grandson Sanjay is in training to be just like his dad.  At 2 years old, he’s already working on hands of steel with good strong grip and is practicing his bike driving. He’s our #1 draft pick. Tony is working to get Owen to cool his jets driving before starting Sanjay on the bikes at fish camp, two grandsons on bikes at once?? Whoa!

The Popsie Difference
-Wild Caught Alaskan Seafood, direct to you
-Sustainably harvested and traceable to the source
-Three generation fishing family
-FREE Home delivery