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sablefish also known as black cod

The Popsie Fish Company's Wild Alaskan Sablefish (Black Cod)

From the Fisher to the Fork

The Popsie Fish Company is a family-owned business that has been providing customers with the freshest and most delicious seafood for over 30 years. Our commitment to quality and sustainability has made us renowned in the seafood industry.

The Popsie Fish Company is passionate about providing our customers with the best seafood. Our commitment to providing the highest quality sablefish is no exception. All of our sablefish is sustainably-sourced and wild-caught in the icy cold waters of Alaska. We use only the freshest fish that is carefully cut and processed to ensure the highest quality and taste.

In addition to our commitment to providing the best quality seafood, The Popsie Fish Company is also dedicated to sustainability. We are a part of a sustainable Sockeye salmon fishery and are committed to using only sustainable sources for our whitefish. This ensures that the fish we provide is not only delicious, but also good for the environment.

Alaskan Sablefish (Black Cod) Box


Wild Alaskan Fish Combo Box


Smoked Sablefish (Black Cod) - 4.5oz Portion


Your Trusted, Sustainable Source for Wild Caught Seafood from Alaska since 1987.