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Pebble Mine Put On Ice

Pebble Mine Put On Ice

As fishers in Bristol Bay, we are deeply in tune with the rivers and tides that bring our salmon back to their home each summer. We also recognize that the pristine ecosystem upstream of our fishing location is the basis of this abundance.

Many of you have heard of the Pebble Mine project, located near the headwaters of the rivers we rely on. This mine project threatened to transform this fragile and unique environment into an industrial zone. Fighting against this proposed mine has been a large coalition of fishers, Native Alaskans, and concerned citizens. 

The good news is that this time, the fish won! This non-partisan coalition rallied together to protect the long-term productivity of this ecosystem. The Pebble Mine project failed to secure the required permits to proceed with development, and for the time being these headwaters are safe from exploitation. 

To all of you who have reached out to voice your opinions and lend your support to stop this mine we extend a heartfelt Thank You. We appreciate your ongoing support and care for the water and land so far from home.


The Popsie Fish Company

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