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Sustainable Seafood Guide

Sustainable Seafood Guide

We all want to make wise decisions when buying seafood. This Sustainable Seafood Guide by the North American Marine Alliance gives us insightful guidelines and handy reminders for making sustainable seafood choices. It provides us with the tools to refine our shopping decisions and help our family, and the ecosystem, thrive.

We’re reminded to eat wild seafood whenever we can, and to ask where, when and how our fish were caught. Besides these common sense pointers, this guide dives deeply into the seascape of socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable seafood practices that must be promoted for the health of our families and our planet. Through our personal purchasing choices, we can influence the direction of trends throughout the seafood industry. 

Enlivened by captivating artwork created by engaged high school students, this guide explains a values-based - rather than labels-based - approach to seafood purchasing. Increasingly, values-based seafood businesses are able to ship directly to consumers while providing transparency and accountability to those who caught the fish. We understand on a deeper level how values-based guidelines are effectively shifting millions of dollars of seafood purchasing. 

There is a groundswell of support for sustainable seafood, the most environmentally efficient source of protein on the planet! This guide encourages all of us to get more connected to our local seafood providers, to make wise purchasing decisions, and to work toward changing public policy to promote increasing sustainability.


Sustainable Seafood Guide